Retro Racer Helmet
Retro Racer Helmet
Retro Racer Helmet
Retro Racer Helmet
Retro Racer Helmet
Retro Racer Helmet
Retro Racer Helmet
Retro Racer Helmet
Retro Racer Helmet

Retro Racer Helmet

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A stylish unisex helmet for a retro-loving personality with its rugged look and classy features, this Half Open Face Helmet with Goggles & Earmuffs, is a must-have before you set out for outdoor adventures. A deal that you cannot deny.

These helmets come in all black with either Red, Brown or Black Stripes, along with authentic working goggles to race around town. 

Don’t want anything to dampen the experience, these helmets have a stunning design that EVBike enthusiasts will find exciting and attractive, along with a lining that will save your head from injury and offers comfort while wearing.


  • Retro vintage styling that looks great
  • Synthetic leather/vinyl outer shell covering
  • Full padding for a comfortable fit, fits most heads S-XL
  • Authentic working goggles with elastic strap
  • Goggle strap safety connector at the back
  • Earmuffs for those cold days
  • Front glare visor
  • 3 Different colours; Red/black and Brown/Black and Black/Black
  • EU cert.

Look the part and feel great, next time to you are out riding.

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What a GREAT mobility E-Trike. I have been all over Wanganui, up and down the hills with ease. It created a lot of interest from onlookers, and a few people stopped me to get a closer look. I ran the batteries down to 20% and have since recharged them, and the ebike seems to have even more power now. I have lowered the tire pressure down from 50psi to 35psi, and the ebike rides a lot smoother and runs across grass areas with ease. I also cable-tied the power cable under the seat to the battery strap to stop it from rattling against the casing. Apart from that…………you have a very satisfied customer.

Lance & Dianne Patterson

I bought the E-Scooter X-10 Professional Foldable scooter & it has been a life saver for me. I have mobility issues & can no longer go on my normal walks, so having the E-Scooter has given me my mobility back. And having a seat is extremely helpful for me, as I can sit when I need to. I have clocked up nearly 500km's on it, enjoying where I used to walk. I have also used it on the tracks from the new bridge to Linton & it is just wonderful. It is so easy to use & the 3 gears work really well. Definitely worth the investment!!!

Kerina Bradford