About Us

I traveled to China in 2007, loved the trip saw and walked on the Great Wall of China, Tiananmen Square, temples, and many palaces. I saw the way the people lived and traveled every day, buses, truck, cars, motor bike and push bikes.

12 years later on my next visit to China there seemed to be a scene of wealth and prosperity in the country never seen before, new upper end vehicles everywhere, no one sleeping on the streets anymore, new motorways and hundreds of people on these electric bikes. I saw a couple of push bikes in a mass of hundreds of electric bikes when traveling. The economy had definitely changed.

We could see the future of transportation there and then, electric vehicles, truck, car, passenger vehicles and bikes. I saw no push bike stores but plenty of electric bike stores, competition was fierce, and thought this is good for us.

After visiting dozens of electric bike stores and negotiating with many manufactures we chose TailG to lead the way in New Zealand. TailG are in top 3 manufactures in China and are leading the way in energy efficient electric bikes.

We are proud to bring TailG bikes to New Zealand and are the wholesale distributors for them here.

We are constantly working with TailG, we have create 6 legal bikes for the New Zealand market. More have been designed for New Zealand for us but we await substantial demand before we will bring them here. Parts are available via us as accidents do happen and it is good to know we are ready to help.

Safety is always a main concern when I ride a bike or scooter so we have made sure all our bikes come with seats, some can be removed but we don't recommend this. This gives the rider a lower center of gravity, (feet are free to use to help stop or balance you) which means it's safer to ride.

We also thought about helmets, lights and security chains to help you have the best possible riding experience via EVBikes.

Currently: We have a head office and showroom in Palmerston North and are selling direct to the public, we are doing shows and events locally and nationally and happy to do group visits for demonstrations if and when possible.

Future: We hope to set up a network or retail outlets or showroom locations.
We are looking for outlets or dealers that would like to take on our TailG range (scooters, bikes, mobility).