Battery Upgrade for eTrikes 20% Boost (Including Installation)

Battery Upgrade for eTrikes 20% Boost (Including Installation)

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Do you need extra power for your eTrike, or do you wish the battery lasted longer? Grab yourself a 'Booster Battery' for your eTrike today. ($100 discount when you purchase the battery upgrade at the same time you purchase your eTrike) 

To get an additional 20% Boost in performance and endurance, we add an extra 12v batter under the seat.

Speed is kept consistent, but you will be able to ride for longer.

**Upgrade for large eTrikes only, recommended for hills, carrying 2+ people, heavy loads and when used for towing.

The upgrade includes:
- Brand new 12v battery
- Labour to install the battery into your eTrike at our shop (this avoids any warranty issues)
- Testing to ensure you get the maximum power out of your extra battery
- New battery charger so that it can deliver the power required
- 1-year Warranty
- $100 discount when you purchase the battery with your new eTrike

- Extra Run-time = Typically around 1.5hrs depending on how you ride your eTrike
- Performance Boost: Typically around 20% ride time (This will not increase the speed due to NZ legal limits implied)
- Duration: Batteries last 1000 charges, 3-5 years typically
- Weight: 5kg/battery
- Type: 12v lead acid battery for maximum performance
- Warranty: 1-year
- Charing Time: 8hrs to full charge 60v ~20amp

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What a GREAT mobility E-Trike. I have been all over Wanganui, up and down the hills with ease. It created a lot of interest from onlookers, and a few people stopped me to get a closer look. I ran the batteries down to 20% and have since recharged them, and the ebike seems to have even more power now. I have lowered the tire pressure down from 50psi to 35psi, and the ebike rides a lot smoother and runs across grass areas with ease. I also cable-tied the power cable under the seat to the battery strap to stop it from rattling against the casing. Apart from that…………you have a very satisfied customer.

Lance & Dianne Patterson

I bought the E-Scooter X-10 Professional Foldable scooter & it has been a life saver for me. I have mobility issues & can no longer go on my normal walks, so having the E-Scooter has given me my mobility back. And having a seat is extremely helpful for me, as I can sit when I need to. I have clocked up nearly 500km's on it, enjoying where I used to walk. I have also used it on the tracks from the new bridge to Linton & it is just wonderful. It is so easy to use & the 3 gears work really well. Definitely worth the investment!!!

Kerina Bradford