Z8 - Professional Commuter E-bike

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The Z8 is top of the line premium transport E-bicycle that comes with all the bells and whistles, designed for comfort, stability and style.

  • NZ Legal.
  • Key with Remote alarm system
  • Lithium battery 48V/20Ah removable.
  • Max speed up to 30km.
  • Range around 30-50 km.
  • Weight of 70kg.
  • Large front LED lights.
  • Back Break lights.
  • Side indicators.
  • Option: 2nd seat or upgrade to a carry box on the back.
  • 2 colours available; Grey and blue.
  • Carry basket on the front.
  • Extra-large comfortable seat. Carry easy 120kg person.
  • Tyre's 2.75-10" Tubeless
  • Brakes Front/Back Drum/drum
  • Side mirrors.

Ride this bike to work, school, training etc, when the power indicator reads 20-40% power plug it into your 3 point 240v power plug at home and 6-8 hours later you will be ready to go again.

Most parts and components are guaranteed up to 1 year. 
This Ebike comes under the push bike laws as the power rating is under 300W and has pedals. No registration or licence needed to ride this Ebike.

Battery if recharged properly should last between 5-8yrs. Replacement under $500.

This is a simple, safe and cheap mode of transport that is easy to ride. You won’t be disappointed with this great E-bike.


Sales and support our head office and show room is in Palmerston North. Contact number is 0800 2222 49.


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